About us
The Club's history

The first Portuguese Club of Ferrari owners

Although it was legally founded in August 2013 by a group of Ferrari owners, this group has been organizing sports, cultural, gastronomic and charity events since 2007, all over Portugal. It has been a regular presence at MotorFestival, as well as in other emblematic events on the national scene. In 2012 organized the “Exposição Ferrari – 65 anos” at Exponor and also the 65 years old celebration of the brand, in Caramulo.

The “CSR – Clube Scuderia Rampante” was formally established on August 2, 2013, and presents itself as a club of enthusiastic Ferrari owners, no matter what model they have. We intend to continue in the same line that we have followed since 2007, still only as a group of friends, with the awareness of the increased responsibilities. We will now look on behalf of the Club to do more and better on behalf of Ferrari owners.

The first official presence of the Club took place at Caramulo MotorFestival on September 8, 2013.

Event organization

We organize diverse events, which include gatherings, tours and meetings, whether social, cultural, artistic, recreational, technical or sporting.

Other Clubs / Associations

We promote and articulate the relationship with other similar Clubs / Associations, be they national or foreign.


We seek from different Entities to obtain benefits / advantages for our Partners


We support our Partners in logistics and technical issues in topics such as the restoration and maintenance of their vehicles, always striving to achieve better results.